‘What do you choose for yourself?’

Engineer Your Lifestyle

Questions: Useful to ask, they prompt thought, introspection.  Questions encourage us to question.Not all are constructive but when you find the right questions to ask the answers can lead to a deepened understanding of us and the world we are in.Questioning, reflecting, actioning, a process that can (if we choose) prompt us to make changes toContinue reading “Engineer Your Lifestyle”

Set up For Success

For this weeks instalment I want to focus on something that has been on my mind throughout the week. Success.  Specifically, what we can do to set ourselves up for success? Under the assumption that success isn’t something that is simply given to you but rather something that you create for yourself, I am askingContinue reading “Set up For Success”

You Can Cope

On a day where I feel that I don’t have much to say my question to myself has been:‘How do I write when I am struggling to find the words?’  When I began this blog I made the commitment to myself that I would post without exception every Monday, keeping myself accountable has supported meContinue reading “You Can Cope”


‘the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate’ ‘a kind act.’ This week is mental health awareness week and the focus is on kindness, and what better topic of discussion for this weeks blog post. In keeping with how I like to write I will start with questions and then attempt to share some ofContinue reading “Kindness”

Let’s Connect

For my second blog post I want to look at the purpose of a blog, specifically the purpose of this blog.For me this blog is my way to connect with you; a space to articulate my ideas, inspire thoughts and hopefully spread a little positivity.It is written with the intention of it being read.  But,Continue reading “Let’s Connect”


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