When Life Gets In The Way

Life.  Sometimes it gets in the way.Distractions, problems, hurdles.  Whichever terminology you prefer we have all experienced periods of time where it seems almost impossible to get things done. When it feels as though things simply aren’t on your side and that overriding overwhelming feeling kicks in. What we feel we should be doing andContinue reading “When Life Gets In The Way”

A Question of Motivation

Motivation A popular topic of discussion and something that I find myself discussing on a regular basis. I have touched on motivation in previous blog posts but with recent events I feel like this is something that I would like to discuss in more detail.  Taking a slightly different approach for this weeks instalment, IContinue reading “A Question of Motivation”

Engineer Your Lifestyle

Questions: Useful to ask, they prompt thought, introspection.  Questions encourage us to question.Not all are constructive but when you find the right questions to ask the answers can lead to a deepened understanding of us and the world we are in.Questioning, reflecting, actioning, a process that can (if we choose) prompt us to make changes toContinue reading “Engineer Your Lifestyle”