About me

Fitness Coach – Photographer – Writer
Walker – Smiler – Persistent Talker

Specialising in all things Pilates, mobility and stretching, I began my fitness career in 2016 teaching group classes. My passion for my career has seen it become a way of life for me, promoting living an active lifestyle & eating well to fuel the body.
Being outside in nature is my downtime, fresh air is good for the soul. Walking feeds my creativity, giving me opportunity to explore the world through my camera whilst taking time to slow down and reflect.

I exercise for happiness and health, choosing to focus on creating a strong healthy body with a positive mindset. I remove the unnecessary expectation sometimes associated with fitness in favour of pursuing what works for me, I am driven to help you to do the same.
Balance is key; so strength training, cardio, flexibility and vital recovery time are all part of my routine.

Combining my passion for health & fitness with my newly discovered adventure into the world of writing I aim to inspire confidence and encourage positivity.

So, let’s work together to prioritise your health and happiness and give you the foundations you need to embrace freedom of movement.

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