When Life Gets In The Way


Sometimes it gets in the way.
Distractions, problems, hurdles. 

Whichever terminology you prefer we have all experienced periods of time where it seems almost impossible to get things done. When it feels as though things simply aren’t on your side and that overriding overwhelming feeling kicks in. What we feel we should be doing and indeed what we want to be doing takes a back seat in favour of just getting through. 

I have opted to discuss this briefly in this weeks blog as for me, right now, life is getting in the way.
This has resulted in me breaking from my usual decisive nature and has seen me be, temporarily, non committal when it comes to selecting a topic for this weeks instalment.
It has also meant that I have started, and restarted, this piece numerous times. 

This is ok. 

In a previous blog post I discussed how to write when you feel you have no words to say.
This week is different, I have plenty to say but external factors currently out of my control have prevented me from finding the focus to articulate my thoughts into a cohesive, interesting, piece of writing. 

Life has got in the way, my routine for creating this blog has been disrupted and I find myself struggling to know where to start. 

This is ok. 

Not all blog pieces need to be dissertation length and not all days need to be successful. 
Acknowledging this to ourselves is our greatest gift of kindness. 
Kindness that prevents us from being our own harshest critics. 
Kindness to know when it’s ok to take a break and when it’s ok not to meet your own expectations. 

Whatever obstacles life throws at you,
Show yourself all the kindness that you deserve.

Nothing is permanent.
Sadness and struggle are temporary.

Often the best way through to happiness is pushing straight through the obstacles, one day at a time until you come out the other side stronger. 

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