A Question of Motivation


A popular topic of discussion and something that I find myself discussing on a regular basis. I have touched on motivation in previous blog posts but with recent events I feel like this is something that I would like to discuss in more detail. 

Taking a slightly different approach for this weeks instalment, I am going to publish this blog in two parts.
Part one, today, opening the topic with some questions to promote discussion.
Part two, following later in the week to allow time for me to address your questions.

Firstly, I would like to pose you the following questions to get the ball rolling.

So, grab a drink, get yourself comfy, have a read of the following and if you feel in a space to do so let me know your initial thoughts/questions…

Discussion Points: 

-Do you ever get stuck on something that you are doing, putting off tasks for so long that you begin to experience feelings of being overwhelmed.
The idea of knowing where to start becomes an impossible barrier to breach. 

-Perhaps there was something, a hobby or job, that used to be part of your day to day life and for whatever reason you no longer do – the thought of reigniting this seems like a foreign concept; a distant memory. 

-You want to do something, give something new a try but there is something in your brain that is stopping you. It may be hard to put you finger on exactly what that thing is. It doesn’t make sense but there is a little niggle, a voice that holds you back. 

Getting stuck in a repetitive thought pattern that prevents you from progressing. That thing that you don’t know how to pick back up becomes a distant, unfamiliar memory.

-You feel as though you spend a lot of time with little motivation. Maybe you put yourself under a lot of pressure to get certain things done and when you don’t you demotivate yourself.
You look around and wonder why everyone else seems to have lots of motivation and you don’t. 


Grab and paper and pen, write down some of your thoughts, experience, challenges and feelings when it comes to motivation. 

Now, I will leave you with these thoughts: 

You are not alone.

You are not broken, it is okay to experience periods of low motivation.

It is not too late, there is a way through this and you absolutely can do it. 

With this opening up a topic of discussion I am encouraging you to contact me (Via Instagram or email are good options) let me know what your experiences are, what you would like help with or any questions that you feel you have. 

To be continued… 

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