Let’s Connect

For my second blog post I want to look at the purpose of a blog, specifically the purpose of this blog.
For me this blog is my way to connect with you; a space to articulate my ideas, inspire thoughts and hopefully spread a little positivity.
It is written with the intention of it being read. 

But, what happens after it is written and after it is read, is that it?

I am using this blog as a way to connect with you, the reader, and perhaps you are reading it and connecting with me in return.
So, my question: What if I can use this blog post to connect with you and at the same time use it to inspire you to connect with others? Thereby giving it greater purpose past that of something you read on the toilet! 

Let me explain.. 

In current times we have had to alter the way in which we connect with people. Physical interaction, for many, has been replaced with online interaction, substituting hugs for phone/video conversations.

For me this has been a massive adjustment to the way of life I was accustomed to. I am a hugely tactile person with a lifestyle that was very much people focused, spending the majority of my days with people and finding great enjoyment in this way of living. 

Casting my mind back to the beginning of lockdown I was unsure how I would deal with this change to my day to day and was concerned what impact this would have on my mental wellbeing. With a life orientated towards spending time with those I love, imagining my days without this was an overwhelming thought. 

But, here’s the thing, the people I love hadn’t gone anywhere. All that was required was a change in how we connect, making the best of the situation and continuing to benefit from rewarding relationships. 

Change provides challenge

In this case this challenge came with the opportunity to strengthen mental resilience, form stronger relationships with people and has even been a welcome reminder of how much value I/we place in those we love. 

So, instead of this post having a one dimensional purpose of being something simply to read I would like to give you a challenge (if you are anything like me you won’t be able to resist a challenge).

Choose 5 people in your life that you value (by all means choose more if you like).
Write 5 things you love/value about them .. send it to them or perhaps even call them up and share your list.

Not that we ever need an excuse to connect with others but think of it more of an opportunity to express your gratitude to those in your life who you value. 
Let’s make expressing gratitude and giving compliments our way in which we choose to connect this week. 

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