Making a start..

As I begin to think how to start my first blog post, I ask myself; how do I want to start? What is it I want to say?
Then a thought occurred to me.. 
Starting, is often the hardest part and we frequently get caught in the trap of not starting perhaps through uncertainty of how to proceed, fear of the unknown or worse failure. 

Well, here is the question I posed to myself.. What if how I start doesn’t matter? After all surely not starting would be failing at the first hurdle!
What if all that is needed to make that first leap is to remove the expectation that I must make a ‘perfect start’. What if I decide to stop sitting around waiting for what I deem to be the perfect conditions required to be successful and forge my start out of what I already had at my disposal.
Removing the pressure of the start by reminding myself that the process of how I got here and what I am yet to do is far superior. 

So here we are, at the start. 

The start of my ramblings, expectations off the table replaced with feelings of excitement on my part for something new and unknown. 
Breaking away from tradition I am not going to use these first words to introduce myself. Rather I am going to let my writing do that as we go along, letting you piece together your own perception. 

Speaking of perception, this is where I am going to begin. Before I come to my point, and seeing as I don’t like to rush a good dialogue, let us first look at the meaning of the word. With the internet at our fingertips a quick google search has given this dictionary description: 

the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted.’

Before I chip in here with my never ending opinions. Stop. 
Read that again.. 

What’s your understanding, perception if you will (now this is getting confusing) of the word perception. 

Got it? Great, maybe even write it down. 

Now here is mine, perception: it’s entirely subjective. The description above allows for many variables. The ‘something’ that is being perceived is understood and interpreted differently depending on who is viewing it and it’s open to interpretation.
First phrase that popped into my head following this thought was ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ A saying that alludes to beauty being something that is created rather than something that exists. 

I never perceived myself as a writer, it wasn’t something that I did and to a certain extent maybe I didn’t really have anything I wanted to write about. Well here’s the thing about being a writer, something that a very good friend has recently taught me.. I write, therefore I am a writer. Irrespective of content, frequency (readability!) I write, therefore I am a writer. 

Reframing this perception of who a writer is in relation to myself has taken away any impostor syndrome I may have been feeling towards the subject and given me a sense of ownership over my writing. 

Why do I write? The reasons change daily, sometimes to process, others to challenge , question and not forgetting the happiness it brings me!

What does it do for me? It helps me develop a greater understanding of myself . Challenges and questions my perception of myself and the world I live in.

Perception changes, for all of us, and I am a firm believer that if you don’t like something you should work towards changing it so it works for you. Sometimes it just needs to start with a question, an observation made by yourself or others to prompt this change. 

Are you ready to challenge your perceptions? 

Perhaps the point I am trying to make here is that by observing and questioning our perceptions to develop a greater self awareness we can potentially open ourselves up to new ways of seeing. Create a more positive dialogue with ourselves and perhaps boost our confidence and self-esteem along the way. 

the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted.’

Find your way. 

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